Company Background

We wanted to make a spirit but thought whisky would take too long. Now thinking long-term is at the heart of our business.

If we’re here for the long-haul we need to look after our customers, community and natural environment and we don’t need to grow fast. And if we want our kids to take over, the distillery needs to be a fun place to be.

Sam & Chantal are both happiest either out of doors, or in a bar. Building a whisky distillery in rural Kinglake was the perfect way to combine these things.

Kinglake Distillery was only possible with absolute commitment and lots and lots of help!

Founders Sam and Chantal both sold everything they owned, including their houses, to build the distillery.

Kinglake Distillery has also received help from the Federal Government, the State of Victoria and Murrindindi Shire Council, all who have awarded grants.

The Lowe family from the UK and the Daniels family from next door have all helped with time money and advice.




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