26th Feb 2024

Welcome to first diary post!

Someone suggested that a great idea to give more of an understanding of Kinglake Distillery would be a diary of what we get up to on a daily basis. I really like the concept especially if it's written as candidly and honestly as possible.

I won't have time to write lovely, well thought out copy, with perfect punctuation and grammar but I hope behind the scenes insights into our ongoing thought processes, plans and work will be interesting!

Today, desk-based day! 

At the moment we aim to produce approx 10,000 litres of whisky a year. This only takes between 15-20 weeks. The start of the year is always slow so I'm planning to push most of this into second-half of 2024 and concentrate for a few months on continuing to build the brand. 

Co-owner Chantal and I believe that we have a fantastic whisky but that, in itself, is not enough and eventually we'll sink or swim based on how well we can spread the unique message about what we do.

Nice to have bit more time and flexibility at the moment but it means I'll be working really hard after during winter and spring. I usually try and break production down into 3 chunks of 3300 litres rather than making 10,000 in one go. Our distillery is very 'agricultural' and lots of heavy jobs aren't automated, for example shovelling out every mash by hand! :)










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