Kinglake is different

Kinglake was always a strange and wild place. Steep muddy roads and dense, towering gum-trees made it all but impossible to reach. Goldmines, timber mills, tramways and even people have all been swallowed up by the great forests. Local legend tells of strange creatures that hide in the woods.

So is the whisky

Kinglake Whisky is made with the distillery doors open. Nature influences every stage of process, from the unfiltered mountain spring water to the local pollen and yeast. The result is a whisky that could only be made in Kinglake.


'My great grandfather built a family business that lasted generations. I want to do the same and whisky is definitely about thinking long-term!'


'I'm a 3rd generation Kinglaker and I wanted to make a spirit that truly takes on the character of my home. Single malt is perfect for that.'

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