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The best single malt whisky has deep roots. Ours could only come from kinglake

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The Kinglake bush is a big part of our whisky but it’s not just about nature. The local community is also the reason we’re here. We aim to have a positive effect on other near-by businesses.

kinglake whiskey distillery

Here are but a few of the things we love Kinglake for.

The Climate.

Summer in Kinglake is hot and tinder-dry. Winter is cold and damp and impenetrable mists often shroud the mountain. These conditions have a profound effect on the ageing of our whisky.

The Bush.

Summer mornings are spicy with the sweet perfume of gumtrees breathing. By afternoon the air is hazy with fine drops of volatile oil. Kinglake whisky ferments are left open to capture the local airborne pollens.

The Locals.

Kinglake winter is hard and summer sometimes deadly but after 150 years many of the original families stubbornly remain. Founder Chantal Daniels a 3rd generation local is supported by parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, all still living close-by.

The History.

In 1861, pioneers started washing gold from the clear mountain streams. Soon loggers were cutting deep into the virgin forest and the rich, dark soil left behind attracted farmers. Come visit and hear some of the stories of the old days over a whisky.

Making great whisky requires long-term commitment to location. Kinglake Distillery is about building a legacy.