The Whisky


All our whisky is made in Kinglake, by us, from scratch. We’re in close contact with the whisky from the moment we grind the malt until the new spirit finally fills the barrel




The foundation of exceptional whisky is water. Our single malt is made from a mountain stream rising on the distillery property. It’s natural, pure and totally unfiltered.

We want to know the provenance of everything that goes into our whisky. 80% of our barley is farmed and malted in New South Wales and each grower is known to us personally.

Bourbon, port and sherry barrels are all individually re-coopered to our requirements. Smaller casks are perfectly suited to ageing conditions in the Kinglake Ranges. We are also experimenting with more exotic timbers.


Our 2500 litre copper pot-still was handmade for us by Tasmania’s premier still-maker Knapp Lewer. It was engineered to produce the heavy, flavourful spirit we’re looking for.

our Knapp Lewer kinglake whisky still

Our off-grid whisky distillery was specially designed to take advantage of its rural location. 

Eucalypt-dominated vegetation disperses fine drops of volatile oil into the atmosphere. The oil drops increase the risk of fire, perfume the air and scatter the blue light rays of the spectrum.

Our ferments are long and washbacks are left open to the local pollens and yeasts.

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