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Sparks, Embers & Dreams

“Beautifully coloured, viscus and had a great whisky to new make scent. I could have mistaken this single malt to have been in barrel for almost 12 months. Upon taste I was blown away. Sweet but bold, floral, slightly nutty and really well balanced. Flavor forward of its 63.5% ABV already. 3 bloody months!!!"

Travelling Whisky Reviews

Australian Whisky

“That spirit is fabulous. It's got an enormous frame filled out with some fabulous florals and pleasant phenols, a really plush texture and impeccable balance that a spirit of such alcohol heft rarely achieves.”

Australian Whisky


  • Federal department of Industry, Innovation and Science
    Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Grant - Expand and upgrade the distillery.

  • State of Victoria
    Artisanal Sector Grant - Social media marketing.

  • State of Victoria
    Artisanal Sector Grant - Brewhouse production upgrade.

  • Murrindindi Shire Council
    Business Growth Grant - Setting up new on-site Cooperage.

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